Representment Services

Square 1 Consultants Group parses each fraud alert automatically to determine the validity of the dispute. In many cases, the merchant can fight to keep the revenue. Square 1 Consultants Group provides representment services to accomplish that on the merchant’s behalf.

Square 1 Consultants Group has tremendous experience with this process, and we can guarantee your ROI on the representment cases we take on for you. Our success rate is double the merchant average, and for good reason.

Representment for high-risk verticals

Merchants should not do it alone when fighting chargebacks. They often have limited knowledge of the representment procedure and their success rate is typically very low. Square 1 Consultants Group has the knowledge of how to properly handle representment for high-risk verticals in a highly efficient manner. We also know which cases are winnable and act promptly on them. Give us a call and see for yourself how we can save you time and recover revenue lost to fraud and chargebacks.

Rebuttal process

Your acquiring bank can’t always tell you when to choose representment, but we can. We know the chargeback rebuttal process inside and out. We know the reason codes and the requirements to dispute each code; and we know when a representment case will help you most. We can also help fine-tune your points of sale to capture the transaction data you need to fight and win disputes.:

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